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First Up! - Let's Talk Structure.

How to use this Program:

So, as you probably know from the introduction video, this program is split up into four different days:

-Day 1 - Push day

-Day 2 - Pull day

-Day 3 - Leg day

-Day 4 - Rest day

Depending on your physical ability, after your rest day, you'll be able to restart the workout program aiming for higher reps and shorter rest periods between sets. If you're more of a beginner, it could be best to take a few more rest days, if you're still swore - rest some more.

We've included a Bonus ab workout 'follow along' video with this workout program. The ab routine is designed to be completed every other day, usually after your workouts. Depending on your physical ability, you may have to take more rest days between ab routines!

That's it! All of the information about sets, reps and rest times, you'll find in this download link:

Day 1 -It's Time to PUSH!

Day 2 -It's Pullin' Time!

Day 3 - Leg it!

Dude... Abs not FLABS!

You've made it! - Well done.

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