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The Ultimate Climb-Up
Strength + Conditioning Program

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Frustrated with having little to no upper body strength, and the inability to control any hanging position...

Over 12 YEARS of Parkour experience combined with outrageous in-depth knowledge of Strength and Conditioning brings you
The Ultimate Climb-Up program...

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If Youre...

Frustrated with having little to no upper body strength, and the inability to control any hanging position...

Annoyed at having to constantly shy away from ANYTHING that requires an upper body...

Wanting an EASY SYSTEM to move you into to a WORLD CLASS level ...

Fed up with being stuck at the same strength level for months or even years! And want to find a way to FINALLY get the strength gains you're after...

Confused about how to build strength that will ACTUALLY IMPACT YOUR PARKOUR...

Wanting to build an INCREDIBLE upper body that looks amazing and allows you to move with ease in all scenarios...

Finding yourself wondering if you're going to be stuck at the same level for the rest of your life...



The Ultimate Climb-up Program will show YOU...


How to be outrageously strong for the rest of your life...

No matter your starting level you will gain strength and conditioning knowledge that will keep you outrageously strong for the rest of your life.

Learn training principles that allow you to adapt and create strength in any area you desire.

Learn what it REALLY MEANS to train for strength.

How to use your body as a single synergistic machine...

Uncover training principles that allow you to eradicate weakness from your body.

Train your body the way it was intended - as a wholistic unit not a set of subunits that have no connection with each other.

Develop unshakable body positioning and connection through your entire strength system.

How to train your motor neuron pathways...

Install motor neuron pathway systems that connect your mind to your body like never before.

Realise the strength you can experience through training specific movement patterns.

Experience true body control.

How to use compound movements to make RAPID strength Gains...

Experience your body working as a whole unit, one muscle connects to the next. Recruit multiple muscle systems at the same time.

Utilise proper body positioning and full muscle engagement to rapidly increase your strength.

Establish true strength through synergistic compound movements.

How to gain BODY AWARENESS...

Find a true connection throughout your body by developing proper body awareness when training.

Learn to pay attention to the minute signals in your body.

Create a long-term awareness of what your body needs, where it's strong, and where it needs work.

How to use specific movement patterns to gain strength in the PROPER AREAS...

Train through different portions of the movement to create efficency.

Understand where your weak spots are through the movement.

Experience an understanding of how strength and movement work together.

A New Ethos On Training for Parkour:

"Our mission is to wake people up to the insane progress that can be made through proper strength and conditioning"

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Become the strongest version of yourself

Become an UNSTOPPABLE athlete

Become Confident in all Areas of your Movement

Become better than you've ever been

"This guy is a hell of a teacher, he clearly has tons of experience coaching"

"Very good thank you! It's crazy how underrated you are and the effort and passion you put into this."

"It's clear that this guy knows how to teach, how to break it down and make it simple"

"Liam is a really good teacher. Explained the movements really well and had great teaching points."

"Man you are so inspiring keep doing what you love brother!"


50% OFF for THIS WEEK only!


So what's in the Program?

The Ultimate Climb-Up Strength and Conditioning 12 week program. Featuring specifically designed movements and built-in progress over time.

A Full video archive of tutorials for each and every movement. Including specific adaptations comments and focal points.

A "How to run this program" instructional Video.

A PDF Handbook including :

  • FAQ's

  • About Me

  • The Ultimate Climbup Program

  • Program Variables

  • Key Terms

  • Comments From Liam

A twelve week, phone-compatible Excell worksheet for tracking Sets, Reps, Rest time, and Notes. 


The Original Climb Up Tutorial Was A Massive Hit, But We Didn't Stop There...

An entirely new way of looking at strength and conditioning...

This is not a Shortcut to success, it's a teleporter.

Hundreds of videos sent in asking for help. We Answered.

Which Program Do I Need?


Get The Beginner Course If: 

  • You can only just pull yourself on top of the wall (or not at all)

  • It's always a scramble

  • You have to use your elbows

  • You can't perform a pull-up

  • You want to get on the way to finally being able to do a descent climb-up


Get The Intermediate Course If:

  • You can perform a mid-low level symmetrical climb-up

  • You can perform at least one pull-up

  • You want to work your way towards straight arm climb-ups.

  • You want to be able to do climb-ups anywhere, anytime, on any wall.

  • You want to build upper body strength you never thought possible.

Get The Advanced Course If:

  • You can perform a straight armed climb-up

  • You already have a good strength base

  • You want to get a WORLD CLASS climb-up

  • You want to develop upper body strength beyond what you imagined.


Get in on the ground floor of a NEW WAVE in Parkour Strength and Coniditioning

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Here's The Deal...

Many people spend their whole lives wanting to get stronger. They follow a few Youtube tutorials that claim they will help. But they NEVER SEE RESULTS.

Top Tier strength and conditioning programs costs can run well into the 100's of pounds - especially video based products.

So the question is... What's it worth to YOU?

What's it worth to you to feel extraordinary strength and power?

What's it worth to you to never have to worry about your upper body strength and core stability again?

What's it worth to you become a WORLD CLASS athlete?

What's it worth to you to FINALLY get this handled once and for all?

Are you ready to INVEST in YOURSELF?


50% OFF for THIS WEEK only!