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Every parkour athlete knows what it's like to be on a Parkour Journey. It comes with
the territory, and it has various aspects. Visiting communities, going to jams, making friends
and traveling the world. This is the external Journey. 

The internal Journey is the person you become through the practice of parkour. Conquering fears,
overcoming obstacles in your mind as well as in the world. Showing yourself what is possible,
and what is possible for you. Destroying the boundaries in your mind and forgetting your limits.

This all plays a huge part in the person you become, this is all part
of your parkour journey.

Destroy the boundaries - forget your limits

Parkour Journeys - White Background - Te

It's not about being 'The Best'

When I was first getting into parkour there was a huge focus on community, learning, and helping. There was an emphasis on not trying to compete with anyone but yourself. There was little ego and there were people to rely on. You went to a jam and knew everyone there, and if you didn't, you soon got to know them. There was no sense of celebrity and everyone was equal. No one avoided talking to you because your jump wasn't big enough or you didn't know how to cork.


I wanted to create a space that re-emphasises those old community values that are damn important but seem lost and forgotten. A space where all are encouraged, helped and motivated, and everyone is equal.

Encourage, Help and Motivate - Care for your Community

Parkour Journeys - White Background - Te

Parkour Journeys Style

 Parkour is an aesthetic sport, the movements we form work with the clothes we wear and the vibe we create; in our lines, our videos and in our lives. 

We're all about that earthy traveler vibe. Hybrid Rock 'n' Roll Bohemian hippies, see us cruisin on the road in a beat up convertible with bandanas, sunglasses and loose flow clothes, on the move to create and enjoy. Everything we make is designed for you to look and feel fucking amazing, but more importantly help you catch that vibe you're looking for, when everything locks into place,

and life's the shit.

Style is your identity - Create Your Vibe